Black Coyote (Sigrid’s NEW EP)

Available for download now!

1. Black Coyote
2. Swift
3. Morning Message
4. Polar Bear
5. Dance of the Trees

“Sigrid is, at her core, a poet. Whether spoken or sung, she continues to elevate her craft, penning songs that exude heart and wisdom. With glorious performances and production, this new collection is further evidence of her artful and steadfast creativity. ” – Annie Capps, Songwriter/Singer/Performer/Producer

“Singer songwriter Sigrid Christiansen’s voice and songwriting ring as clear and true as one of the bright mornings she depicts in her new collection of songs. Masterfully produced by Annie Capps, underscored by guitar, mandolin, bass, and even horns, on ‘Every Moment’ Sigrid invites us to see the world through the eyes of her perceptive, generous spirit. Whether over coffee, on an afternoon stroll, or before going to sleep, listen to this album. Then look around! You will be inspired to find comfort in the beauty all around you.”

Jenny Bienemann, author, Haiku Milieu

Artwork and video by Jan Krist

Every Moment (EP)

Available now!

1. My City
2. Blue Sky Day
3. Winter Solstice
4. Every Moment
5. Swans and Roses

“Sweet singing meets evocative spoken word. Witty writing nestled in lush production. Love songs visit toe-tapping Americana. Sigrid’s collection is like a nature walk with a singing bard.” – Sue Demel – Sons of the Never Wrong

“Sigrid Christiansen’s EP “Every Moment” is a gem. Her voice sounds strong, pure, and deliberate. Paired with producer Annie Capps, they make easy work of creating a beautiful backdrop of voices, instrumentation and arrangements to support the songs.” – Jamie-Sue Seal, Smokin’ Sleddog Records & Touring Artists

“Sigrid writes with depth, grace and heart. Her latest offering runs the gamut from the dynamic My City, to the haunting, lilting and gorgeous, Winter Solstice. Her voice is like a beautiful bell, strong and gentle at the same time.” – Anne Heaton, Singer-Songwriter & Founder of Soul Songs School® Helping songwriters create their Life’s work

Telling tales of tornadoes and tigers, family and foxes, the heart, the home, and the hank panky,  she delivers with a smile that lights a room. Her songs are “delicate, poetic, playful and profound” says songwriter Dick Siegel.

Sigrid performs on her own and as one of the quartet who make up Taller Than They Appear, a band of songwriters.

She also produces a listening room concert series called Stone House Concerts, bringing in nationally known and local singer/songwriters to perform in the intimate setting of her home.